Last night was long but the excitement kept us all awake! Labor is much more bearable when someone else is actually experiencing my daughter reminded me when I tried to help her breathe.
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5 new technologies to try - templates for students/writing for a variety of responses clever but only for 3 tips and links for learning more technology
4 ideas to share with others great strategies for discussing/sharing text similar to wordle but for studying vocab with synonyms activity for building background knowledge
3 principles of Universal Design for Learning
Principle I.Provide Multiple Means of Representation
Principle II. Provide Multiple Means of Action and Expression
Principle III. Provide Multiple Means of Engagement
2 changes in your teaching to reach all learners in the Digital Age
BIG idea to implement “on Monday”
[[ similar]] similar to text-rendering
1 big change I would like to make is to use more technology for my students who find writing to be an inaccessible means of communicating. All of the ways I have seen thus far must be purchased. One way I will investigate will be to speak with the Special Educator who works with my students. (She is also helping me to learn to use the SmartBoard...yes, I am that much of a dinosaur!)
Reflection 1
No curriculum is disabling. Rather the limitations of curriculum lie within the presentation, and thus the presenter's mindset. If I,as the educator, believe that I must teach within the parameters of a program, I am limiting my learning, my skills, my own creativity and therefore, my students' learning. I must integrate what I know with what I learn and teach. This is an expectation we have of our students and we must also raise the bar in our own practice.
Culminating Activity
UDL is a framework for addressing the presentation, production and participation needs of all students through the use of varied material.
Reflection 2
The benefits of analyzing the curriculum for strengths and weaknesses are:
  • there is opportunity for enhancing the curriculum to address multiple intelligences that are not embedded within the curriculum
  • other resources may be linked to the curriculum to fill gaps
  • curriculum is generally designed for the mainstream or "mid" stream rather than learners who are within the margins and in the majority.
Answers to questions (not a reflection)
What barriers are inherent in traditional assessments?
LS assessment does not necessarily provide full-scale evaluation/learning profile for all. Need to recognize what is actually assessed. Reliance on test-score information alone can lead to bad policy.
What are the challenges in offering varied options for assessment?
Takes away all the "old" ways of considering validity; decreases construct validity; requires new tools and procedures; e.g. changing policy and outdated ways of thinking. Not a "fast, cheap, and large scale" process. Requires examples of successful initiatives in order to generate support.
Persuasive Letter?
Dear Donna the Principal,
As a former special educator, you appreciate the importance of addressing the needs of all learners. I would like to propose that we may need to extend our thinking at Oakwood to truly address the needs of all learners.
Universal Design for Learning is an approach which intentionally evaluates curriculum to ensure that all students are learning at the levels of their individual potential through the integration of technology. In a world where the workforce is exponentially developing new systems via computer technology, we cannot consider bridging gaps or journeying to greatness without adequately preparing our students for high levels of performance. I suggest we create yet another committee to develop a needs-based proposal, compose a million dollar grant request to purchase technology and provide early buyouts to encourage resistant older teachers to retire immediately when they cannot or will not frantically refine their skills in this area.

Ideas I want to Implement
Mindfully consider curriculum during planning and how each student can best access the learning objectives.
Benefits of Implementation
Creating an environment that will encourage lifelong learners.
What does success look like?
Students are engaged, collaborative, and looking for means to find ways to apply their learning in their daily lives.
Possible Barriers
my lack of confidence
my lack of knowledge
my lack of time