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The lesson will be introduced using a BRAINPOP video clip:

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Standing on Shaky Ground

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====Lesson Overview====

Title: Standing on Shaky Ground
Author: Angela Magno
Subject: Science
Grade Level(s): 6–8
Duration: 20 days
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====Unit Description====

Essential Questions: How can we defend the statement that "The interactions between the Earth's layers cause plate movement and major geological events?"
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====Lesson Description for Day====

Recognize and describe the Earth's crust, mantle, and core.
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====State Standards====

2.6.C.1. Recognize and describe the internal and external structures of the Earth.
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Unit Goals: Edit

Lesson Goals: Edit
To identify the properties and differences among the crust, mantle and core.
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Anticipatory Set: Edit

Introduce and Model New Knowledge: Edit
Introduce new concepts and vocabulary with a BrainPop video clip (Earth's layers and Plate tectonics).

Provide Guided Practice: Edit
Students will explore websites and Word documents found on our Science 6 Goodies folder.

Provide Independent Practice: Edit
Allow students to explore from a list of other websites to preview our unit project of building an shake proof structure.
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Formative/Ongoing Assessment: Edit
Daily in class assignments, projects and labs.

Summative/End Of Lesson Assessment: Edit
Shake Proof Structure Project